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Role of Civil Society-

1.Civil Society organizations, including voluntary and non-profit making organizations, corporate bodies, cooperatives and trusts, which are actively involved in economic and social development, to be recognized as equal partners as well as stakeholders in development and good governance.




All the departments of the State Government have been directed to make sincere efforts to involve Civil Society Organizations as equal partners while implementing their schemes for social and economic development of the state population.


Judicial reforms

2.The administrative staff and system in the courts should be professionalized and resources should  be optimally used. Individual competencies of judges needs to be improved and the Case Management Systems and tools should be improved.

Judiciary Department :

Institute of Judicial Training & Research, U.P., was established at Lucknow in 1987 to improve the working efficiency of judicial and administrative employees and for improvement in the case management system. The foundation and professional training programmes for newly appointed judicial officers and  refresher training programmes for working judicial officers are being organised here. The computer training is being imparted to these judicial officers. Besides the trainings in child psychology, child welfare, legislative and parliamentary affairs there is arrangement of training on special subjects. Here special training programmes are being organized for APOs and Officers of other Govt. Departments.

To make the judicial system more effective for speedy disposal of cases and for removing day-to-day legal problems the institute is also carrying out the research work.

In order to improve the efficiency of judicial and administrative officers and to improve the Case Management System, institute of judicial training and research has been established in district Lucknow since the year 1987. In this ibstitute foundation and professional training is being imparted to the newly appointed judicial officers an side by side refresher courses are being organized for working judicial officers. Computer training is also being given to them. Child development and Child Welfare, legislative and parliamentary affairs as well as other special subjects are also being taught in the institute. Special training programmes are being organized for prosecution officer and officer other departments

Research work is also being carried out in the institute to make judicial system more effective, to ensure speedy disposal of cases and to solve current legal problems.



3.The Central Government will take the leadership to ensure full computerization of courts up to the district level in a phased manner and take measures to rationalize and standardize court buildings, court staffing pattern and judges residences.


Judiciary Department :

Partial computerization in 65 district courts and full computerization in Hon’ble High Court has been completed.

Rs. 15 Crores central share and Rs. 15 Crores state share is being provided in the budget for residential and non-residential building under central government sponsored schemes.

10 year perspective plan required by the central government has already  been sent to Central Govt. but Central Govt. has not released the central share in the last year.




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